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Gareth Stananought

Harris Rainham Sixth Form

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Academy Information

Harris Rainham Sixth Form is a new sixth form that opened its doors to our first cohort of students in September 2023. 

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to help shape a new sixth form from its start. Harris Rainham Sixth Form is an academic and ambitious academy which meets a need for this provision in our area. For too long Rainham students have had to travel to access high quality Post 16 education. This is no longer the case. The students of Rainham now have an ambitious and highly aspirational sixth form that will enable our young people to access the best universities, apprenticeships and employment opportunities that exist.

At the heart of Harris Rainham Sixth Form are our values. These values will be found at the core of all we do. We believe our staff and students are involved in the pursuit of knowledge to benefit their lives and the lives of others. This mission comes alive in our values – curiosity, compassion and commitment.

Curiosity: We view the world as a place of intrigue and wonder. We seek to understand the world around us and the people within it. As a result we engage in rich and meaningful discussion with others and especially those who see the world differently to us. Curiosity can be found in the foundations of our actions, our empathy and our dreams. It is our curiosity that fights ignorance and searches for truth and reality.

Compassion: We know that our compassion for others is at the heart of our humanity. We recognise that true meaning and purpose can be found in the difference we make in the lives of others no matter how small that may seem. We understand that to flourish and succeed we need others and they need us. Our shared humanity and compassion is at the heart of our community

Commitment: We recognise that passion and desire without commitment is meaningless. It is our commitment, dedication and hard work that ensure we are successful. We know that to be our best and achieve great things we have to be willing to work hard when others won't, to be disciplined and acknowledge that excellence is a result of the habits we form and to continue to move forward when faced with challenges and obstacles. Without commitment there are simply empty words and hollow promises.

These values will run as a thread throughout our academy and will be found in our teaching and learning, personal development approaches and the way we structure our academy.

There are a number of features to our academy that make us different. These include our prep and practise approach to private study, our electives where students study areas that take them beyond their subject areas and our commitment to community service.  

We are just about to move into our brand new purpose built building which has been designed as an exciting and invigorating space for all our staff and students to learn in.  

These really are exciting times!

What can we offer you?

  • Exceptional professional development
  • A focus on subject knowledge and building a school where the subject is at the heart of everything we do
  • Great career progression both as HRSF grows and through the Federation
  • Being part of a team who work hard on things that matter with sensible approaches to marking and assessment
  • The ability to work hard and have a life beyond work. Our early finish on a Friday is a sign of this
  • Our promotion of intellectual curiosity through our personalised elective programme which will enable you to teach about their passions and interests