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Head of Aacdemy

Sarah Heuston

Executive Principal

James Handscombe

Harris Clapham Sixth Form

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Academy Information

About Harris Clapham Sixth Form

Sixth form is the step from being a child to adulthood and Harris Clapham Sixth Form enables the young people of South London to make that step successfully by offering an excellent academic and general vocational education so that they are ready for the next stage of employment or higher education.

Our values

  • Courage – by which we mean the willingness to take on academic challenges and choosing to do the right thing even when it’s not the easy thing
  • Commitment – by which we mean both following through on our undertakings and loyalty to our community
  • Confidence – which we see as the ability to welcome, accept and celebrate others in our school and our lives

Our location

Harris Clapham Sixth Form is located on Kings’ Avenue in Clapham in the borough of Lambeth a short walk from Clapham North, Clapham Common and Brixton tube stations. It is well served by buses and train lines.

The school building is completely new with wide corridors and glorious views across London. Classrooms are spacious and well-appointed, laboratories are well-equipped and specialist provision includes an art room, drama studio and exercise gym.


Why work for us?

Harris Clapham Sixth Form offers a particular blend of sixth form teaching and the joy of stretching your subject muscles that this brings, and being transformative in the lives of young people who, on entry to the school, are not ready for the adult world and who rely on the developmental support that we provide.

Professional development

Whole school CPD addresses general academy priorities and supports effective sixth form teaching. In addition, subject groups work together to hone specific skills, ECTs receive extensive support and senior and middle leaders receive weekly mentoring as well as more formal training. Progression opportunities are frequent with all the current pastoral leads having been internally promoted.