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Robert Hitch

Executive Principal

Alex Williamson

Harris Academy South Norwood

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About Harris Academy South Norwood

We serve a disadvantaged community, and this is the place to make a difference and transform lives through common purpose. We have three values which our staff and students tell us are at the core of the school; Diversity, Togetherness, and Talent. We work hard to ensure everyone feels they belong to the HASN community. For example, we have an inspirational culture day where students and staff don their traditional dress, and we run a series of cultural events. 

Students and staff show off their talents in multiple ways whether it’s through academic success, sport, music, art or presenting at our many exciting HASN events through the year.

We also work hard on our aspirational values: endeavour, kindness, responsibility, respect. These are the values that we all work hard on every day to be the best we can be.

Our Location

South Norwood is located 3 miles north-east of Croydon town centre, benefitting from a number of attractive green, open spaces including South Norwood Country Park, South Norwood Lake and Grounds, and South Norwood Recreation Ground. 

We are located just a 5 minute walk from Norwood Junction train station, a transport hub in Travelcard Zone 4, providing services from Southern, Thameslink, and London Overground. We are just 12 minutes by train to London Bridge. 

Why work for us?

We have outstanding modern facilities, first class CPD, and a huge sixth form with lots of opportunities to teach at Post 16. The biggest benefit is to be part of Team HASN; to join somewhere where you will find a sense of purpose and belonging. We work hard to strip out pointless tasks, and ensure staff do what they do best: teach well and support students. We also enjoy staff football and staff badminton!

Professional development

We are committed to providing Professional Learning of exceptional quality that is highly responsive to the needs of the individual and the academy, routed in academic research. Time is dedicated to continually improve Teaching and Learning at HASN and has been designed to support the development of teachers at all stages of their journey towards great teaching.

Professional development focusses on simple pedagogical practices by zooming in to granular approaches and strategies to use in the classroom, whilst zooming out to understand the dynamics of a robust lesson. Professional development at HASN runs alongside a versatile coaching programme to drive continual improvement.

Progression is promoted internally at HASN with many teachers quickly finding their niche and being supported by leadership to thrive and develop their specialism. 2 good examples of this is our Head of Teaching and Learning who started his career as a PGCE student at HASN, and our SENCO who started as a non-qualified teacher.

Feedback and testimonials

  • "Since joining this academic year, it's been a pleasure to be part of a diverse, positive, and ambitious academy where staff and pupils alike endeavour for the very best. In the art department, and throughout the academy, pupils are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves through high quality teaching" - Teacher
  • "A lot of schools say it, but staff at HASN genuinely do care about our students and go above and beyond for them. We build strong relationships and have a real interest in our community" - Teacher
  • "The teachers are really good and they take education seriously. We get to go on really good trips" - Student
  • "The teachers really care about us" - Student
  • "I still tell Christine’s story to my siblings and my family -me and Christine made it out the bubble that we're put in by society that you can't…you can't amount to much like what you can achieve is very limited. And we just said no: we're not taking no for an answer! Like there's no reason why we can't try to work in the big corporations. There's no reason why we can't try to impact other people's lives" - Former student
  • "What I gained the most from education was the ability to make choices. I moved to this country in year seven when I was 11 and also came from a disadvantage background. Both my parents were immigrants and we also lived in the deprived area or whatever label there is. But because I didn't speak any English before I came to Harris. Educating through, you know, the curriculum, but also providing that sort of environment where students know it's not just about your GCSE, it's also about giving yourself space in the future" - Former student
  • "The clubs and sports are really engaging for students, and you can make friends there" - Student
  • "It's a fun place to be, the music teachers are the best" - Student

Listen to our Harris in Conversation podcast episode with former students, Peter and Christine. 


If you want to be part of our academy, we warmly welcome you to come and visit us. We would love for you to see first-hand, how we work and teach, and you'll have opportunities to speak to our teachers. 

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