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Posted on: October 4th 2019

In the name of NQT season, we are revisiting topics related to the NQT year that trainees go through each September.  Our last NQT entry touched on a significant problem in the education sector, the ongoing teaching retention crisis. In the midst of the ongoing discourse around the NQT figure, we ask ourselves, what are we doing to be proactive about this? This week, we zero in on the early-career teachers, bringing to light the importance of mentorship. 

In a profession that is ever- evolving with new perspectives that continue to shape it, each new entrant brings about change in teaching. The distribution of new ideas and perspectives school-wide, are an essential part of continuing a nationwide discourse, propelling forward new ways of teaching and education in the UK. As previously mentioned, NQTs are at the forefront of this! Delivering impactful teaching lessons and developing how we teach.  

It is one of the most effective ways to review current school practices, fresh eyes and even fresher perspectives.  Career changers make up a significant amount of NQTs and bring a rich diverse skillset to the position, making every entrant into teaching of enormous value, bringing such a unique set of skills, experience and knowledge to pull from.   

Mentoring is an important part of any teaching journey. Understanding the importance of patience and practice is key in your first steps into teaching. Mentorship at Harris is combined with the specialist knowledge of experienced school leaders and the guidance of a teaching school network to provide a range of support to our NQT cohorts. The brand-new training centre, based in Bermondsey, is now home to a buzzing community of nearly 200 trainees.  

Having officially opened in July, the Harris ITE Bermondsey centre is a central hub for all London based trainees and have grown immensely since the humble beginnings of a class of 30.  The ITE programme has been successfully running for several years, and the move to a new facility prompted a celebratory opening with attendance of Sir Dan and our sponsor, Sir Harris. Each of unique entrants, who choose to train with Harris have access to an unbelievably diverse and enriching network of school practitioners and subject specialists.  Haseeb Malik, Primary Trainee had this to say: 

'The ITE team work very hard to structure the training in a way which enables you to flourish at your school. Are there instances when it can all feel a bit much? Of course, we’re only human. However, it is down to you as an individual to apply as much of the core training as possible and make sure that you are soaking up everything you can by observing various members of staff across different age phases. 

As the teaching commitment increases, hopefully your confidence will too – at least that’s what I have found. I have been able to have open and honest discourse with my mentor, which has made feedback sessions incredibly helpful. However, above all else, what I am truly proud of is the relationships that I have built with the young people in my class. This has been vital in my progression as a trainee. Only by getting to know them have I been able to tailor my lessons accordingly and enable them to learn something new.' 

Mentoring provides a reflective, support function for our enthusiastic, passionate trainees. Having attained an Ofsted rating of Outstanding, in our School Direct provisions, our dedicated team is an established name in education training.

Ahead of our NQT fairs, we implore our readers to get in touch with us on Twitter! We have a poll up at the moment gaging how NQT and trainees feel about their induction year, we want to hear from you. This year, you can see us at St Marys, Institute of Education – UCL, Brunel University, University of Roehampton, Greenwich, Kingston, University of East London and many more! Stalk us on our Careers site and Twitter for updates!




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