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#StartingOut Governors Edition

Posted on: July 19th 2019

This week, we are talking local governance. 


The role of governor effectively allows schools and principals to retain an external support and oversight body, allowing them to reflect a predominantly non-educational point of view and offer up their expertise and skillset to a different environment entirely. But what is it to govern? With the increasing talk surrounding the importance of great governors, particularly held by Lord Agnew, lets break down what governors are and why do we need them? 

As a governor, much of your responsibilities lie within strategy. As a 'thinking and questioning' role, the post is regarded for any industry leader, no matter the industry or role. Bringing unique insight and a diverse skillset is the backbone to this and allows for Governors to make a great impact on the way in which strategy, budget planning and various other sectors are managed by the Academy. 

You can also expect to: 

  • Attend 4 meetings a year 
  • possibly one or two review days (usually a whole morning or afternoon) with opportunities to visit lessons, look at books, and talk to pupils and staff 
  • Take individual visits to the school during the day  

With the changes to the Ofsted framework, it is even more important for governors to be in school when lessons are going on, in order to be familiar with the curriculum, and how it is delivered. Therefore, our Teaching School Alliance provides expert training to help you with topics including understanding school budgets, curriculum, safeguarding, Ofsted, codes of practice, special educational needs (SEN) and the importance of effective data in assessment and evaluation. This means you can be sure you’re up to date with national changes in education and know what’s required to support academies in raising standards. Governors are also welcome at the Annual Governor Conference, where keynote speakers, panels and networking take place. Governors are able to share best practice towards the mission to transform education for their respective local communities.  

In the mission to improve the quality of both academy learning environments and delivering high quality education, Governors are pivotal in turning around the chances of students everywhere. Presence of great Governors means schools directly benefit from their individual expertise across their industry experience, individual skills and tenacity!

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