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As the autumn term winds down, we look back on all the great insight shared from within the Federation. From the team at Head Office to teachers and support staff on the ground, we have been able to connect and share important and reflective stories of working in Education. This week, we explore the importance of outstanding teacher training methods and their place in supporting the next leaders in education.

Outstanding Teacher training paves the way for Outstanding Teachers

In our academies, teachers and support staff have worked hard to provide both remote and in-school experiences that continue inspire and prioritise safe, enriching learning. Outside of this, our newly qualified teachers and trainees have also shared fantastic insight into how their early teacher experiences have been exciting, growth orientated and incredibly colourful in spite of the current climate. We hope this can continue as we remain steadfast in our support functions for teachers, trainees and support staff in all 50 of our academies.

With our last couple entries exploring newly qualified teachers and their experiences in school so far, we share an entry from Matt Britt, an Assistant Director (Primary) with responsibility for a cluster of academies[1], about the importance of training and its’ effect on building outstanding teaching teams within academy structures.

“Having been the Executive Principal of a number of Harris Primary Academies, in the six years before I became Assistant Director and now in my current role, I am indebted to the work of the Harris Initial Teacher Education programme and in particular the work they provide in training and supporting School Direct trainees.

The School Direct trainees that we have employed receive the highest quality of training and mentoring. The guidance, backing and support provided to my in-house mentors has also been exceptional and the quality of the provision has given me high quality staff which has ensured I have a team of teachers able to sustain outstanding education and to give me staff who have gone on to become leaders in many of my academies.

The two-year contracts offered ensure that trainees are seeing themselves as committed employees from day one and all of our trainees to date have excelled and are hard to distinguish from my good and outstanding teachers, with many years of experience, by the end of the second term.

I wish I had been able to train this way when I launched my career in education thirty years ago. I had disjointed teaching practices that didn’t always link to my course-based learning. My School Direct trainees learn on one day and come back to put the ideas into practice the next. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough!”

To hear more principal perspectives on our Harris School Direct programme, click here.


Interested in teacher training? Harris ITE are holding online event presentations in December and January.  

Learn more about how the Harris ITE Team can support you through your early teacher experience, providing the tools and support to help you reach your primary educator potential.

Held on Zoom, next week’s Q/A session, (Tuesday 8th December, 18:00 – 19:00) will start with a short presentation and then there will be three Q&A breakout rooms with the following themes:

  • General Primary Teaching - whether you are a career changer or straight out of University- what’s it like?
  • Men in Primary Education - what’s it like?
  • Primary with mathematics - what’s special about this training route?

If you are thinking about starting a career in primary education and training to teach at Harris Initial Teacher Education, the team are here to answer any of the questions you may have. Our experienced Tutor Team will be available to talk to you about the Harris School Direct programme and will also be able to discuss the application process to the Harris School Direct programme. Click here to register for attendance.

This event will be child-friendly and will be ran flexibly so that attendees are able to attend with children, if needed. For a full register of events scheduled, click here for more information on Harris ITE Events.

I don’t want to be a teacher but want to work in Education. What are my options?

Whether you possess experience in the education sector or are returning to the profession, we have pathways to suit individuals at every stage of their career. Click here to learn more about how you can join us in making a difference in Education.  








[1] Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park, Harris Primary Academy Free School Peckham, Harris Primary Academy East Dulwich, Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace, Harris Primary Academy Kent House and Harris Primary Academy Orpington

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