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Zoning in on our highly successful NQT Induction programme, it is something we have come to be very proud of. To build on the bigger picture, our programmes are designed to allow you to feel self-assured in your teaching career journey at any stage. Our NQT Induction programme allows our new trainees to benefit from the deeply ingrained ethos of collaboration and shared best practice across the Federation. As well as specialised mentorship and training delivered by our expert NQT and ITE Team.

The induction programme has allowed many of our bright talented School Direct alumni to feel secure, supported and enriched during their first steps into teaching. Understanding the importance of your induction year means providing the support you need to go confidently into the classroom.

We are proud of our NQT Induction programme and the support for the almost 300 NQTs across Harris Federation.

Our programme ensures that the future career and professional development builds on the individual ethos and vision of each Academy, yet also recognises where collaboration and best practice can be shared across the Harris Federation of Academies.

This will be achieved through nurturing the professional skills of our NQTs by providing a supportive, yet challenging, structure where they can flourish and capitalise on the highest standards of learning and teaching. Mentors are the first point of contact and are there to support NQTs on a day-to-day basis. We provide NQTs and mentors with additional support to enhance professional development through our central training and support. Observations are a fantastic way to develop practice so NQTs should be receptive to feedback and the observation process. Academy colleagues are a great source of support and can also point NQTs in the right direction of where to find resources and how to master the IT systems.

The induction period is designed to support NQT development through classroom practice, mentor meetings and training sessions. Much of the NQT year will build on the best practice and experience of the initial teacher training year and we enhance this with high quality, bespoke CPD sessions delivered by our team of outstanding subject and age phase specialists.

Nqt mentors

Mentoring is an integral part to your year with us.

Mentorship is crucial to any trainee’s journey, facilitating a great relationship with our trainees from day one allows us to be the best guides we can be during your year. NQTs will have the support of a mentor throughout the year and can help you through all that NQT year throws at you.

Experience unparalleled training opportunities.

We have a dedicated team of staff whom of which work across the Teaching School, delivering programmes at all stages of teaching. Sacha Carroll, an ITE English Trainee from our 2018/2019 cohort had this to share about our trainers:

“Indeed, each session encapsulates so much more than what is typically associated with becoming a teacher. While they are certainly designed to complement and enhance our teaching in a practical sense, they are also academically inspiring and thought-provoking. As an English specialist, I have found many of the sessions to be invaluable, not only to the development of my pedagogical methods and practice, but also to my on-going academic pursuits. Sessions surrounding the teaching of controversial issues, for instance, have allowed me to reflect deeply on my own subject knowledge and to re-approach or re-design my own thinking before influencing the thinking of my students. Moreover, sessions on inclusivity such as ‘Trans Children: Myth-Busting and Best Practice’ and ‘Autism and Education’ have encouraged me to challenge outmoded and ubiquitous narratives in society that perpetuate through the literature that we teach and the ways in which we teach it.

Training to teach is more edifying than I ever could have imagined. Teaching is, perhaps, the most human job there is and training with Harris has afforded me with an unparalleled start.”


 Our NQTs receive bespoke subject and phase relative training from our tutors, consultants and outstanding practitioners. Dedicated to making sure you are as prepared as possible; our structured training sessions allow for the opportunity to learn and develop specific skills that relevant to your teaching journey. Learn amongst the Federation’s growing network of NQT and trainee colleagues, building connections throughout your induction year. Another NQT shares:

“Having successfully completed my NQT year, I realised how independent and self-sufficient it has made me as an educator. I am fully competent to assess the needs within a classroom, think on my feet in one of those ‘now-what’ situations and carry out communications with parents/carers and colleagues professionally. While I do miss the nurturing hands of SD and ITE team, I am grateful that I embarked on my teaching career with them to be where I am today. 

Currently, I am teaching secondary English Language and Literature in a very diverse and complex area of South London and nothing feels better than when a child says ‘but Miss you understand us’. Also, believing in developing students need not only academically, but also in key life skills, I enthusiastically take on expeditions and residential trips to understand youngsters in outside classroom settings. Inevitably, it led me into becoming a Duke of Edinburgh Verifier, a role that I am honoured to do voluntarily.

The realms of possibilities are endless if only you believe in changing lives, which I believe starts with one child at a time and creates ripples beyond imagination. What makes that formula achievable is when a teacher is passionate to inspire lives, teach her craft excitedly and take up the challenges yet fruits of working with young adults, and then can h/she be on a path of becoming a teacher to be remembered. One that current society so desperately needs.”

With custom professional learning sessions throughout the year, regular contact with other NQTs and mentorship – We are committed to making all our NQTs feel as secure as possible in the first year. We wish our NQTs every success and whether new to Harris or a familiar face, all are welcome.

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