What Resources Can Teachers Use For CPD During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

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This week, we discuss what CPD during coronavirus pandemic looks like. Having long been an epicenter for teachers to connect and collaborate, Twitter has recently become a hotbed for sharing resources and development-related activity. As we brave another week under lockdown, we have seen an immense increase in the use of social media to not only connect with the students far and wide but teachers everywhere are being encouraged to use their platforms! Using platforms like Twitter to collaborate with schools, teachers, and educational organisations everywhere.

CPD during coronavirus pandemic

Last week, we were able to compile some of the fantastic ways our students are keeping engaged and proactive by the creative lessons and tasks set by their teachers. In celebration of the overwhelmingly positive response to school closures, teachers and educational organizations have connected over social media to share and collaborate on the development of existing pedagogy, discuss adjusting to digital class, and sharing resources.

We have compiled some of the different resources available to teachers during this time to develop themselves and the lessons they deliver!

  1. Leaders will continue to lead!

Ready to step into a leadership role? BTS Spark offers targeted leadership development and coaching for education leaders. When tackling CPD during coronavirus pandemic, BTS Spark have been compiling a great resource for aspiring leaders to recognise 12 key shifts in leadership/transformational thinking. Click here to read all about it!

  1. A global community at your fingertips.

ISTE and partners have come together to create a one-stop shop of resources available for use for educators across the world. CPD during coronavirus pandemic has taken in so many varied forms. For ISTE, they have found producing webinars and specific leaders and teaching tips, means users can make the choice for themselves! Users are also encouraged to logging onto the ‘Educator Help Desk,’ an online forum, where educators everywhere can share and discuss all things encountered digitally! Explore all the resources available here. In need of some remote teaching tips? Read Sec Ed’s Do’s and Don’ts here.

  1. Children are the future, let them lead the way!

The Economist Foundation is a charity set up by The Economist to tackle inequality by giving disadvantaged young people the skills to think for themselves about current affairs. In light of the school closures, it has set up a WEEKLY bulletin filled with child-led activities geared towards encouraging critical thinking about the news. They can be used in support of independent learning or as part of online class activity – you can sign up here.

  1. Fit for the New Future CPD provided by the Football Association

For specific CPD during coronavirus pandemic such as Physical Education, this has brought insight to how it may be difficult amongst many of the other interpersonal subjects to deliver due to logistics and practicality needed.

However, teachers and educational bodies everywhere continue to promote the importance of good health. Alongside our fantastic PE teachers setting students weekly fitness challenges, The FA have developed a fantastic range of interactive resources for Primary PE Teachers and Trainees to build on their football and physical education knowledge! A Four week series of webinars exploring how we can be better equipped to deliver high quality PE starts 30th April and ends on the 21st of May. Click here to learn more.

  1. Making the Leap from GCSE English to A-Level Literature Study

Looking for work to inspire Y11s thinking of taking English A-Level Literature? English Media Centre's Lucy Webster has put together an amazing pack of FREE resources for home use! Written for students working independently from home (with opportunities built in for sharing via virtual learning platforms where possible), the collection of 24 activities is designed to:

  • Introduce students to new ways of thinking, reading, writing and talking about literature
  • Widen their understanding of what literary studies involves 
  • Encourage students to experiment and take risks with their reading and writing and more!

View and download here.

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