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From the 1st September 2021, a new online application system will be in place for the Harris Federation. We apologise for any disruption you may experience during the short transition, but we have taken steps to ensure the disruption is minimal.

What does this mean for you?

As of the 1st of September, all job applications will be captured via our new online system. If you have previously submitted a job application within the last 12 months, then your existing account will no longer be active to make an application and you must complete a new application via our careers website.

What happens to my application(s) submitted before the 1st September?

If you applied for a job prior to the 1st September then this will still be active and you do not need to re-apply for any job(s). Please keep a look out for any updates to your application via e-mail.

Can I still access my old account / previous application(s)?

For now, your old account will be accessible via the link below, but you can only retrieve old data from any existing applications you have submitted to us. Please note, you will be unable to submit an application from this account and all new applications must be made via the search our vacancies page.

What will happen to my old account?

For data protection, your account will be deleted on the 30th September. You do not need to do anything, but if you wish to download and save any previous application(s) you have made, please ensure you do so by the 30th September.

What do I do when making a new application after the 1st September?

From the 1st of September, you will no longer need an account to make a job application with us. This means you will not need a username or password to make an online application. Any future application you make can be saved and returned to by using a secure once time code.

When applying for a job with us you can also apply using a LinkedIn profile, or by uploading a CV to help pre-populate some of the sections of our application.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact us via the website.

Kind regards

Talent & Attraction Team

Harris Federation

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