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Midweek Spotlight: 3 ways you can connect with your potential new academy! Rss

Midweek Spotlight: 3 ways you can connect with your potential new academy!

Posted on: May 13th 2020

Recruitment is one of the major areas that COVID-19 has affected. From searching to meeting for interview, employers and jobseekers everywhere are now having to adjust a completely new digital landscape, some for the first time. In education, some of the more contact-heavy ways to interact with prospective schools and academies isn’t as simple as before!

As we continue to recruit for our fantastic academies all year-round, we have collected some great ways to connect with your potential academy digitally, if under consideration or if you are looking for your next teaching opportunity with one of our academies.

  1. Who are we?

Research is an important part of your process and so we encourage using our links out to the Federation site, to learn more about us as an organisation before landing on an academy that interests you. Our vision and values are set here, it’s important to have a read around this to understand whether you think you could see yourself working with us on our mission.

Have your eye on an academy near you? All our academies are different, following the vision set out by each of their principals. Utilise our online academy directory found here, to browse academy profile pages with helpful links to their website, contact information and any available vacancies!

  1. Academy performance

Ofsted reports are a great way to determine some of the ways our academies are doing to stay ahead of education. Almost all of our academies have consecutively held an ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ judgement from Ofsted. Make use of all independent and government tables to see how schools do against its local borough/independent school to compare performance and whether the school you’re looking at is the right one for you.

  1. Talk to us

As our academies are currently all closed in line with Government guidelines, academies aren’t able to host visits as normal – this is normally the best way to get a look into how we do things at Harris and the academy’s individual identity and culture. However, staff at academies are happy to arrange a chat with either a middle or senior leader to answer any questions you may have, provide some introductory information on the academy as well as give you a feel for what it is like to work with us.

Are you ready? We are still recruiting!

In line with the Government’s announcement, our academy is closed until further notice. However, during this period it is our intention to continue with critical recruitment for key positions starting in September 2020. In place of academy interviews, alternative options will be offered so that no one is at a disadvantage, and applicants should expect telephone or virtual interviews, with the possibility of onsite academy interviews only in special cases. We want to reassure applicants that effective measures have been implemented to ensure their health and wellbeing whilst on academy premises.


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