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Midweek Spotlight: Newly Qualified Teachers, feel supported at all stages of your journey! Rss

Posted on: February 26th 2020

In this week’s midweek spotlight, we are delivering some all-important words of encouragement to trainees and NQTs everywhere! We have ended this years’ tour of career fairs across London and have had a great time meeting you all! Having attended 9 different universities this year, we have been able to connect with fantastic trainees all over London. In the run up to that all-important September start, we collated some information on the support we offer for NQTs.

After gaining qualified teacher status, amongst lesson planning and getting into the classroom, support has been a big topic in the world of NQTs. In such a crucial first step, we ensure our NQTs are provided with a well-rounded support system as well as opportunities to network across the Federation with subject consultants and expert practitioners to develop pedagogy. NQTs receive a mentor to guide them through their first year as a qualified teacher. Mentors will meet with you each week and provide regular support so that you continue to develop excellent classroom practice. Mentors themselves are supported and trained specifically to work with NQTs in order to guide you towards a successful completion of your NQT year. It is important that NQTs feel that their mentors and SLT teams are responsive to their needs.

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The NQT Conference, is designed to specifically help NQTs on their first steps into teaching, helping to connect them with peers on the very same journey. Programmes which provide NQTs with a space where they feel sufficiently supported throughout their induction period, training and their initial teaching experience help facilitate a strong sense of self-efficacy. The induction programme has allowed many of our bright, talented School Direct alumni to feel secure, supported and enriched during their first steps into teaching. Understanding the importance of your induction year means providing the support you need to go confidently into the classroom. We are proud of our NQT Induction programme and the support for the almost 300 NQTs across Harris Federation. Our programme ensures that after a completed induction, teachers are confident and self-assured in and out the classroom.

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