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#CareerPathways: NPQSL

Posted on: August 30th 2019

Calling all passionate educational leaders! Are you ready to step up and take on your next challenge?

This week, we are tackling the NPQSL. This programme is primarily for the experienced middle leaders potentially one year away from senior leadership and newly appointed senior leaders with whole school responsibilities.                                 

The Programme                                                                                                         

Facilitators role-model outstanding practice and use coaching techniques to support participants to further develop their leadership experience. The model focuses on allowing participants to reflect on their own areas of strength and areas for improvement and identify ways they can improve their leadership through various activities whilst on the course. Delivered through our Harris Teaching School, the programme is designed to support participants to improve existing knowledge, skills and experience and develop capacity to work efficiently across an organisation.

But why is it important, and for who?

Programmes such as the NPQSL allows school leaders to maintain strong, impactful leadership teams. It is through the work of such cohesive networks, that schools benefit from sustainable school improvement in all areas. School leaders with enriched knowledge and training mean schools directly benefit from informed decision-making and an assured leadership approach.    

As for participants of any programme, the attainment of a developed knowledge and understanding around the different frameworks of education allow you to navigate new spaces effectively.  Through enriching skillset and experience, school leaders can effectively bring their expertise to a number of different areas in education and make impactful contributions.

If you are interested in making a difference with Harris contact the Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance on / 0208 253 7787 for more information.



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