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Posted on: August 23rd 2019

Aspiring Leaders and Headship

Our Aspiring Leaders approach is centred around developing the next generation of future leaders in education.

The Harris Federation Teaching School is licensed to run a range of Aspiring Leaders programmes, led by some of the most talented Principals in the country sharing their expertise and experience, as well as by middle and senior leaders with exceptional track-records. Our leaders have a wealth of knowledge and are highly experienced in improving outcomes for pupils and students.

Our dedicated programmes create a learning space designed to prepare you for the demands of modern headship. This means we enable you to be the best version of yourself in your headship.

Suitable for newly appointed Headteachers, or for highly motivated, experienced senior leaders, this course allows all prospective headteachers ready to take on a role in 12-18 months.

Headship at Harris

The role of a headteacher is ever-evolving, covering a multitude of aspects of educational leadership. In preparation, many aspiring heads take to a NPQH to be properly equipped with the training and support needed to thrive in a headship role.    

Our emphasis on mentoring and coaching mean that at all levels, our leaders are benefitting from a truly cooperative network of school leaders and practitioners.

Our headteachers are encouraged to develop their academies in their own way, building on their particular strengths. Harris academies thrive because of this approach. At their core, Harris headship is about impact in education, with tried and tested results.

We encourage aspiring heads to take on the next challenge in their careers and enrol in our programme. We expect many of our Harris leaders to embark on our NPQEL and NPQSL programmes as career progression is a vital part of our supportive federation environment.

The programme – so how does this work?

Pioneered by leaders who are passionate about supporting talented and committed educators, delivering the NPQH programme means delivering excellent educational environments.  

The course itself involves eight compulsory face-to-face training days and a full day induction, delivered over three terms, with each session taking place in a different school or academy.

Designed with practicality at the forefront, all your face-to-face training sessions are facilitated by outstanding school leaders in their own schools and academies. This means you are supported by first class experienced leaders and benefit from a federation wide network.

Our serving leaders enjoy sharing their own unique experiences of headship, including the achievements, challenges, systems and processes that were used to transform their own schools.

You will be guided through specific leadership tasks and will receive expert support to develop effective whole school leadership strategies.

Click here to apply for the NPQH qualification or contact the Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance on / 0208 253 7787 for more information.

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