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Posted on: August 9th 2019

This week, we’re diving straight in to the NPQML - National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership.

For current or aspiring middle leaders in education, the NPQML provides individuals the opportunity to develop their skillset and experience to middle leadership level. Middle leaders are a central strategic body, taking strategic direction and school policy to action. Aimed at improving education at all levels, middle leadership roles incur a lot of responsibility and implement important and focused objectives. Putting these in place to ensure schools are supported in providing the best possible learning spaces for all young people!

This is an in-depth programme available to all school phases, which enables you to operate more effectively in your current role (aspiring to become a middle leader). With the accredited qualification you are able to action and strategize with schools on a higher level and continue making a difference to all our young people across Greater London.

What’s in it for you?

  • Develop your existing skills, confidence and leadership practice
  • Assess, manage and improve on your department/area of responsibility
  • Build strong, cohesive networks of support and effective team dynamics
  • The chance to improve teaching and learning outcomes for all our amazing students!


You will study the programme over three school terms and must complete the assessment within 18 months of starting the programme.

The NPQML qualification consists of:

completion of two essential modules and one elective module

engaging in 50 hours of blended learning activities, such as:

  • Work-based learning
  • Self-directed learning (online reading)
  • Support for learning (facilitators/line managers)
  • Coaching for improvement (mentors)
  • Learning with peers
  • Face-to-face learning
  • Structured reflection (critical review, evaluation and analysis)
  • Recorded reflections and identification of key learning (to focus on leadership development priorities and to demonstrate progress)
  • Blogs and WebEx
  • Successful completion of an assessed task.

The programme is led by experienced principals and delivered by expert facilitators with extensive experience in senior leadership and transformational change.

Face-to-face training sessions will take place at one of our Academies or Alliance partner schools. Participants will have opportunities to tour the schools and Academies, experiencing the different settings and drawing on a range of best practice. As one of our many career pathway opportunities, the NPQML stands as a great asset to any aspiring leader in education.

Visit our Teaching School website for more information on NPQML

If you are interested in joining the Harris Federation, contact our Central Recruitment Team on: or call 020 8253 7777

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