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#StartingOut NQTs Edition

Posted on: July 12th 2019

As many of our NQTs will be embarking on their first teaching post, here are some helpful tips from our wonderful teachers across Harris Fed to help you through your first day in the classroom.

Equipped with a range of teacher training, mentoring and support, it is now time to take on the classroom. Now, I know this may seem daunting, but the beginning of your teaching journey begins here! So, what kind of teacher are you going to be?

What is truly amazing about teaching is the opportunity to shape and influence young minds with great potential.  When you formulate your lesson plans and explore different teaching styles, go forth knowing how important you are to your students and that first impressions count. It is important to establish your presence and how this will filter through your actions. This is a great way to keep consistency and communicate the values of a great role model to your pupils!

  • Lead the exploration into new frontiers! 

Do not be afraid to try out new and exciting ideas, delivering curriculum does not have to be drab. 

Students are more likely to respond and engage when provided with vibrant and stimulating approaches to teaching. Expand on your knowledge to gain fresh and spirited ideas to put towards your next lesson. 

  • Make every lesson count. Observe, Learn and Evolve 

One thing you can always count on is the support of your fellow teaching staff. Going into a new school can be scary but take this opportunity to observe and learn as much as you can. Remember that as a week of firsts, you are bound to have things go not as planned – this is totally okay. Consult your team for great ways to handle anything from fiddly computer mouses to how to keep your class engaged. It is through keen observation, a growth mindset and boundless resilience that really make the difference on your first week.  

  • Communicate your experience and ask for help when you may need it

Within everyone’s teaching journey, there is always a first day. A first classroom experience. A first student impression. The great thing about teaching is that NQTs and teachers everywhere have a story to tell. Your experiences in the classroom help to shape how we continue to educate. Be an active learner as much as you are a teacher and apply this to the growing teacher community in your school.

As a big believer in embarking on new journeys and growth, we hope you enjoy your first day knowing an exciting, ever changing and rewarding journey awaits you.


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