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Meet our People: Paris, Trainee Teacher of RE Rss

Posted on: February 15th 2019

My drive to become a teacher stemmed from being personally inspired by a teacher at school. I have a strong passion for equal opportunities and believe that all students, regardless of their social and economic background, should have access to the same quality of teaching and learning. 

My previous educational experience, (MSc in Mental Health and BSc in Psychology) taught me that a child’s learning is the building block to a successful life. Therefore I saw teaching as my opportunity to make a difference to children.

The School Direct team are all incredibly supportive and responsive, and I know I can contact them whenever I have a query or something I need help with. The weekly training sessions are unbelievably helpful, especially the subject specific days. The days are planned specifically to stretch us as trainee teachers, but it’s also an environment where we can discuss and reflect on the challenges we have faced that week. I have made great friends through the sessions and it’s a great support network to help you get through the year, as you are all in the same boat!

I felt inspired as a child at school, and so I love encouraging students to reach for their dreams. Every class, every student and every lesson is a different dynamic and you do not know what to expect. It's exciting, thrilling and always keeps you on your toes.

To find out more about training to teach with Harris, visit or contact the Harris ITE team on / 0208 253 7758.

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